We'd love to help with all of your Electronic Product Development Projects

Below are some of the projects that we we have been involved in over the years. 

  • TRT - Central Tyre Inflation system
    We've worked with TRT to develop their new E-Series Traction Air CTI System. We now manufacture the electronic components for this system. This includes a 5" Colour Touch Screen ECU, a DIN mount ECU with 3" Colour LCD and the Valve Control Modules which read pressures and control the solenoids.
  • Giltrap - Widetrack Fert Spreader
    We've developed the electronic control circuit With Giltrap and now manufacture these for them.
  • C3 - COM3TS Log scaling system
    We manufacture and service C3 Ltd's COM3TS log scaling backpack. We have also developed and manufactured a custom battery charger for the backpack batteries.
  • Rail Cruiser
    Electronic Control & Safety systems for this tourist rail vehicle. Including: System Controller, Anti Collision System, User/Guide interface and Audio commentary system.
  • Metso - Barmac VOCS Development & Manufacturing
    A Vibration and temperature Overload Control System for rock crushing equipment. This very successful product was designed by our engineers to Metso Minerals (Matamata) specifications, and is manufactured by us, then fitted as standard to Barmac VSI crushers.
  • Aeronavics - Comms Hub
    We designed and manufacture a avionics communications hub for Aeronavics. This multi-layer SMD board allows the onboard computer to connect to virtually any external device using a range of different industrial interface standards. These include: USB, CAN bus, RS232 and Ethernet. It also has some general IO and power supply protection and distribution.
  • Remote Control Applications
    Elsema's full range of RF products matched to custom control circuits to suit your needs.
  • PAC
    Aircraft electronic interfaces.
  • NZ Kontiki
    Our engineers designed a low cost motor timer circuit, which allows the PowerTiki to haul out a longline with several hooks attached, from anywhere on the NZ coastline. Great fishing!
  • Smart Parking Ltd - Smarteye
    Wireless Infrared parking sensor for vehicle monitoring.
  • Cowley Hush Wheel
    An electronic pottery wheel motor controller. Adding to the product lineup for the world-famous Cowley Potter's Wheel, is a quiet brushless model, the Cowley Hush. Novel Ways engineers worked with the local manufacturer to design a reliable and cost-effective motor controller and foot-pedal speed control. Most manufacture is exported.
  • Just Cool
    We developed and manufactured a Vat chiller monitoring system. The system monitors the power feeds to the milking plant and chiller and sounds an alarm if the chiller has not been turned on at the correct time.