Use the services that Pure Electronics can offer to add value to your product, speed your time to market, and take a load off your mind!


 Electronic circuit design: Analogue & Digital, Microcontroller and PC interface hardware


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design: layout and manufacture. PTH & SMD technology, Single Layer, Double Layer and Multi Layer.


Software design: embedded microcontroller firmware coded in C

     Embedded C Code

 3D CAD Design: Electronics housings and mechatronics interfaces, 3D Printing and Vacuum casting for prototyping


Manufacturing to order (industrial products are a specialty), Low to Medium Volumes and contract assembly.

     PCB Assembly


  • Contract manufacture and conventional manual assembly (small to medium runs).
  • Help with product packaging, custom plastic mouldings, powder coated metal enclosures, membrane keypads and adhesive overlays. Supply of materials, procurement.
  • Product concepts, brainstorming great ideas, cunning ingenuity and hard-earned experience combined with the latest technology