• Short Range - 433MHz Penta Series
    PentaFOB® and PentaCODE® key fob remotes are ideal for garage doors, automatic gates and any other application that needs an On/Off activation. Elsema’s next generation of key fob remote controls features over 17 billion encrypted codes, dual coding, frequency hopping, antenna diversity and customised colours and labels.
  • Industrial - 921-928MHz Multicode Series
    Industrial grade system with frequency hopping for interference or jamming immunity. Available in 1, 4, 8, 12 and 16-channels. Operating range of up to 300m possible with standard remotes or over 350m with external antenna on SMA version (limited stock available).
  • Med Range - 433MHz Gigalink Series
    Ideal for everyday application. Operating range of approximately 350m using the ANT433S antenna, which can be increased with the use of the ANT433M antenna.
  • Long Range - 160MHz FM Series
    The 151MHz remote control transmitters and receivers are designed to give an operating range of up to 5000 metres with low current consumption of 85mA. The 160MHz frequency is not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference. This makes it an ideal choice for long range commercial and industrial applications.
  • Antenna
    A wide range of antennas manufactured by RF engineers using the latest technology and test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz. We have standard antennas on 151MHz, 433MHz & 915MHz.