The 915MHz wireless remote controls and receivers are available from 1 to 16 buttons. The transmitter uses frequency hopping to allow multiple transmitters to be used in close proximity with no interference or jamming. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.

The transmitters use a dual digital coding called Multicode Technology (MCT). This MCT digital coding can be either the 12-way dipswitch or the encrypted coding for high security applications.

The combination of FFH and MCT technology brings you a very sophisticated transmitter yet easy to use. The FFH technology is usually used in very expensive equipment with military, medical applications.

The MCT series transmitters are the first hand held Elsema transmitter to allow an external antenna to be connected. Connecting Elsema’s ANT915mini to the transmitters SMA connector will increase the transmitting range to over 350 metres.

These receivers give you a choice of relay outputs, with a contact rating of 8 Amps at 240VAC, or solid state ouputs with open collector or positive switching.

Using pluggable terminal blocks, high quality SMA antenna connector and the quick mount (QM100) makes for easy installation. Also available in an IP66 rated weather proof case, MCR91501RE.

We stock the full range of Elsema's Multicode Remotes, Transmitters and Receivers.

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