Keyring 27MHz Remote Control Transmitter


�� Small keyring transmitters available with 1, 2, and 4 channels

�� Flashing LED indicates flat battery
�� Crystal based architecture, providing faster frequency settling, greater modulation depth and reduced temperature dependence
�� Available with customised front label, brand it with your own company logo
�� Easy to program and install with code switch technology.
�� Durable plastic case

�� A remote control switching device for various uses eg. Garage doors, lights, gates, or automatic telephone dialers.
�� A personal security alarm activator for home safety or cash carrying businesses eg. Banks, shops, service stations, etc.
�� A calling device for the elderly or handicapped.

Operates in the 27MHz band, the KEY series achieves the highest possible standard of performance by using a crystal-controlled, frequency modulated (FM) radio signal. The onboard microcontroller uses the latest technology allowing for easy setup and installation while providing maximum security and reliability.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a LED light to indicate a flat battery status. The 1Hz flashing of the LED indicates a flat battery. The blue LED light will be “on” when the transmitter is activated by simply pressing the button on the front.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a high capacity (150mAh) 6 volt battery instead of the usual low capacity (30mAh) 12 volt remote control battery. This allows the user to use longer lasting batteries for more reliable operation.

Operating Distance
Up to 20m with 300 mm wire

Up to 50m with Elsema’s ANT27M

(Range tests were done in an open area test site with line-of-sight operation and no interference. The receiver antenna wire was fixed vertically, away from any metal objects.)

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